About the Artist
Email: info@tracywilsonart.com
"Still Life with Antique Nautilus Cup"
Oil and pastel artist, Tracy Wilson, radiates a genuine love for her craft which informs
all her work.  The intuitive grace of her compositions, the elegance of lighting, the
finesse with which she handles texture - these are the hallmarks of her work.  As
such, each painting is imbued with her intentional energy, sincerity, and an ethereal
quality that cannot be missed.

Tracy's style has evolved into a masterful expression that can be appreciated by the
aficionado, as well as the layman.  Sentiments such as, 'Romantic, Classical,
Engaging' and 'No one paints like this anymore' are common accolades.  In addition
to studying the techniques of the Dutch masters, she has also trained under various
contemporary artists.

Tracy currently segments her time between painting in her private studio, teaching,
and a residency at the Madden Museum of Art.  "I expect I will always be both an
instructor and a student.  There is inspiration and artistic evolution that stems from
immersing yourself in each of these roles," comments the artist.

Ms. Wilson is an active member of Oil Painters of America, Pastel Society of
Colorado, Art Students League of Denver, and the Lakewood Arts Council.